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Know your market!

Open the business they said. It will be a piece of cake they said. You will retire young they said.

Urghh. Don’t you sometimes feel like plopping the unpaid bills for ‘they’? Unsolicited or not, we all get advice on how to run our business ventures. Sadly, we take the wrong advice. The truth is your business represents you, but isn’t for you…it’s for your consumers. More often than not, business owners fall prey to the notion that if I like it, then my customers will. Hit and a miss unfortunately. Conducting market research can help position your company, see what works, and what should stop immediately. Plus, customers hold the answers to the success of your business. Ask them and more often than not, they will share exactly what you need to do to keep them coming to you and keep coming in!

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Focus Groups

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Product Tasting

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Reports and Marketing Analysis/ Forecasting

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Product Survey
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Product Tasting
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Reports and Marketing
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