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AdVizze Consulting Inc is a creative business development consulting firm specializing in assisting small to medium size companies achieve their strategic goals. Sustainable development is our core value and is instilled in every aspect of what we do. Our four main service areas are Market Research, Business Development, and Event Management. These represent what we excel in and demonstrate how we can work with you, to achieve sustainability within your business. We provide a range of made to order solutions which are the pillars to a successful outcome in our main services. Our clients are based locally and out of state with varied needs from market analysis, feasibility studies, lead generation, copy-writing, client representation, public relations to product launches, promotional campaigns  and other related services.

Events & Community Out Reach Programmes

Besides working on client driven initiatives, we have our own events and community outreach programmes as part of our corporate social responsibility. Sports, health and youth development are the key areas we focus on in all our CSR endeavours, while sustainability and development remain the core of our joint venture or private regional events.

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