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As we get closer to close off 2016 and usher in a brand new year, we tend to get a bit nostalgic. No resolutions just yet, simply praise and adoration for all the technological advancements 2016 has brought so far and a virtual tip of the hat to the wonderful techy people you saved events, kept families organised and continue to make life just that much more bearable. We applaud you!

This blog post will not give endless examples but merely a brief overview of four items which we love and had to share. We still have the utmost respect for the numerous tablets and innovations which make life so much easier. Some have been around but we really appreciated them in 2016 and hope to see more awesome gadgets in the future.

We love so love Power Packs. And yes. They come in all shapes and sizes. Never leave home with out one.  They have been around and we have truly put these bad boys to the test. at many an event and yes, you guessed it – they never disappoint. Smartphone or laptop never out of juice when an outlet isnt available especially on the road. Life savers!

In a more techy context, how about VR? Virtual Reality has been around way before it was on the market from Star Wars and beyond…with quite a few options on offer nowawadays, you can not only enhance the gaming experience as seen in the Sony PlayStation VR but Google Day Dream VR Headsets upgrade the user experience at an event or even make a shut-in see the world again. Let’s not forget the Oculus Rift for 3D imagery on stereo screens. Hot for this year and a must have for any true tech buff! Augmenting our realities and we love it!

I came, I saw, I bought a drone! Still top of the tech world, drones are now more accessible in the mass market and even more durable than before. With bugs fixed and lots of quality features added, getting a drone is not the issue anymore, but which one? So far, the DJI Phanthom 4 is head of the game but cheaper models do exist for enthusiasts still earning their stripes. The age of the drone has brought so much including breathtaking scenery, alluring videos and numerous businesses cashing in on the endless possibilities of this new age. We can’t wait to see more!

Lastly, we have to give props to the SmartWatch. Smart watches have revolutionized what it means to be organized and we have to say a major thank you to Apple. Like a small dog in a bag, so too does the smart watch fit with its companion phone and tablet. Comes with a hefty price tag but how much would you pay for stylish connectivity? From emails, to weather updates even a built in GPS. Smart watches are man’s new best friend and with new upgrades and enhanced capabilities, it can easily replace a gadget or two.

There is always something new to look forward too and we will be waiting. Happy teching!

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