Are you productive at work?

Leading an active life is great. Really great. Right? Unfortunately it really isn’t when an active lifestyle doesn’t come with a high level of productivity. How does being productive measure align with an active life?

Here are some tips:

1. Start the day with exercise. You do not need to run a 5K to get in shape but get your blood pumping enough to get your oxygen levels up.

2. Minimize the distractions at work. Personal emails and chit chatting during non-break times can affect your productivity.

3. De-clutter your work space. Disorganization is not only about structuring your day, but your work space. So keep your work station or office clean and clutter free.

4. Prioritize your duties. Make a list and break down some tasks depending on the level of involvement and expertise needed.

5. Delegate responsibilities when possible to help free your time for more pressing matters.

6. Take a break when you need a break. Added stress and fatigue reducing productivity and the quality of work produced.

7. Focus on one project at a time as multitasking can diminish your quality of work and actually delay you from meeting your deadline.

8. Eat right and on time. Energy bars are often full of sugar and give a boost which causes you to come crashing down. counterproductive.

9. Plan and plan well. Even for failure! Having a haphazard approach makes tasks harder to complete and actually wastes more time than necessary.

10. Lastly, make a call or send an email instead of constantly scheduling meetings which are time consuming and sometimes have no true value. Consider using an electronic method like Zoom or Skype if absolutely necessary and lessen on commute time.

Being productive on the job depends on how you choose to spend the few hours you have in the work day. When you find the right work life balance, it will all come together minus the stress and heartburn 🙂

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