Business Mixer blues

Singing the business mixer blues? Here are some quick tips to give you a bit more confidence, get one step closer to the perfect connection and standout for the right reasons. Let’s start off with what a business mixer is. Typically, a business or corporate mixer is a social gathering often in a formal setting (depending on the host), structured as an open and free space to make new connections. Companies usually use this format to launch new products or services, showcase added benefits to their products, give back to clientele or simply present their staff outside the office setting. With free flowing food and beverages, mixers are an opportunity to engage with people in a nontraditional way. The social atmosphere would foster a more relaxed environment and encourage discourse in any topic (hopefully leaving an impression on the mind of the attendees and creating a deeper connection with you).

Now we have a better understanding of what a mixer is, and why you should attend if invited, here are some tips to get the best out of the event.

  1. Bring along a colleague to help you navigate the room.
  2. Before attending, find out the purpose and prepare.
  3. Carry business cards.
  4. Have your elevator pitch ready to speak about yourself confidently.
  5. Limit your alcohol in take.
  6. Smile. It costs nothing and makes you more approachable.
  7. Stop watching your phone or watch.
  8. Speak to colleagues but also introduce yourself to someone new.
  9. Listen before jumping into conversations.
  10. Participate in activities.
  11. Gain insights into how new connections can assist your business.
  12. Be open about how your business can complement their business.
  13. Seek follow up meetings.
  14. Come branded if possible so your business logo is visible (especially if your business is new).
  15. Always be yourself!

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