Unlike other forms of indoor football, futsal is a 5-a side version which allows for unlimited substitutions and often played on a hard surface. The spirited game debuted in an official capacity thanks to the TimeOut Entertainment event management company, which has a penchant for sports development in Saint Lucia. The team brought the fast-paced Latin in origin game to the corporate world years ago, and have continuously enhanced the product each year. As avid sportsmen and women, the TimeOut team has been the driving force behind other sporting activities, and continue to loan their expertise in many circles.

Known in most circles as the best corporate meeting, the Corporate Warfare Futsal competition occurs towards the end of each calendar year with 24 teams representing business places around the island, competing in knockout rounds. Fostering networking opportunities, a sense of camaraderie and placing the spotlight on health and wellness in the employees, futsal action has grown in leaps and bounds with a community aspect being developed. Think you can bend it better than Beckham or have a few good men who would run rings round the competition? Take it to the futsal turf and join the exhilarating but friendly atmosphere in the next Corporate Warfare Futsal tournament. Great for building team spirit, staff morale and an amazing way to demonstrate your firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Don’t stay on the sidelines, take the futsal challenge and bring more sports and wellness to your corporate world.

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