Genesis and purpose

Finding gainful employment has been a critical right of passage for school leavers. Now more than ever, companies are giving access to internships, for example, to help develop the young minds of tomorrow. However, many factors threaten the job accessibility for new entrants into the working world, and job security for the persons already in a role but may become less relevant with technological advancements (among other problems). The Job Fair Expo was designed to bring the employment issue forward by identifying what the needs of the unemployed were and  to assist them in finding a resolution. It also was tasked with building a network of companies who either already provide internships and or career support or always wanted to but couldn’t figure out where to start. Additionally, it acted as a recruitment drive for others who took the opportunity to source new talent. With a major youth development component, school leavers alongside persons who were seeking direction and mentoring, are now able to attend the fair and leave with renewed purpose. 

Services and Activities

Attendees also got the opportunity to speak to real Human Resource Managers representing key industries in the public and private sector. In the last fair, special attention was also given to the entrepreneurial aspects as representatives who were on the other side of the table before, now got the opportunity to relay their experience alongside the legal, financial and management companies which provided a snapshot of the true journey to being your own boss. The eager students learned how the young entrepreneurs were able to navigate the harsh markets and make a name for themselves. At the Job Fair Expo, we realized that most persons in attendance had significant issues designing a CV and would not ever make it to the shortlist phase based on what they currently had. Others were not confident even in a mock interview setting and would not be successful candidates if they were called in for a role at that very moment. Lastly, a lot of attendees did not know what their true purpose was and when going against multiple candidates, the slightest negative point could be the difference between a new job or being passed over yet again.

This initiative is one we are very passionate about as we would like to be one of the organizations which provides a healthy, positive and empowering atmosphere for young adults. We need to help steer them in the right direction so they can become good citizens. Added to the Job Fair Expo experience, we have developed a network of Advisors from around the world who will provide virtual support throughout the year. The next Job Fair Expo 2018 will take place in August 2018 with more of the best of last year’s event, and some surprises based on feedback from the customer experience survey conducted during the event.

In 2018, we added a new component; mini seminars. Participants were able to speak to experts on specific topic areas which helped enhanced the experienced.

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