5 Strategies to help you join the Go Green Marketing Campaign

If you want to forward the go green or go home drive, then be prepared to change your own habits to help promote the campaign. Practice what you preach. Consumers will pick at everything you do especially if you want them to see you in a different way…a little greener and environmentally conscious. Companies of all sizes are finding creative ways to integrate their marketing messages but fall short as they have no succession plan. Go bit further than biodegradable paper and opt for paperless whenever possible for example. Successful marketing campaigns are always driven by consumers needs and wants so if sustainable and eco-friendly products are important to your target market base, then green marketing may be an effective way to capture them.

1. Educate your staff on climate change so they can add factual and relevant information to the conversation
2. Align yourself with true advocates for the go green campaign. You never know who is secretly putting plastic in the paper bins.
3. Be transparent! Technology has made everyone and expert with access to everything. Don’t deceive knowingly.
4. Get experts on your team to add credibility to your campaign. You aren’t a scientist so don’t profess to be one.
5. Beef up your Public Relations to back up your campaign. More is better in this case as most consumers don’t mind paying more for a product which is seemingly safer for the environment but need to know all the facts to make an informed decision!

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