Why do projects fail?

Project Failures

Projects fail for many reasons and sometimes even inexperience can cause the simplest of projects to crash and crumble in the worst way. Even the most dedicated and seasoned projects managers may fail short some times and cause a project to end badly.

  1. Poor planning: let’s face it, you truly are as strong as your weakest link. However, if proper planning isn’t at the forefront of every project, then chances are it will be the downfall of your project as there is no point of reference or order to begin with.
  2. Bad communication: most failed projects suffer from miscommunication or simply no communication.
  3. Irresponsible teammates: when workers do the bare minimum, mediocre quality work or leave work till the last minute, a project will fall into disarray.
  4. Absentee Project Manager: without regular progress checks then critical deadlines will not be met and workers will not have the correct directives to execute their individual tasks. A dedicated PM is needed for a successful project.
  5. Underestimated timelines: rookies like professionals can make this mistake which has a lot to do with one or many of the aforementioned reasons projects fail. Predicting the timeline is very important to the effectiveness of the project.
  6. No coordination: severe lack of coordination between supporting projects which can cause conflicts.
  7. No synergy: lack of group synergy can cause a project to go off the rails if the team isn’t working in unison.

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